New Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center Announced

On February 10, Lisa O. Monaco gave prepared remarks on behalf of the White House announcing the establishment of a new Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center (CTIIC) under the auspices of the Director of National Intelligence. Currently, no single government entity is responsible for producing coordinated cyber threat assessments.  The CTIIC is intended to fill this gap in  a similar function for cyber as the National Counterterrorism Center does for terrorism—integrating intelligence about cyber threats; providing all-source analysis to policymakers and operators; and supporting the work of the existing Federal government Cyber Centers, network defenders, and local law enforcement communities.  The CTIIC will not collect intelligence—it will analyze and integrate information already collected under existing authorities.

Before announcing the agency Monaco addressed the need of the agency by stating, “The range of cyber threat actors, methods of attack, targeted systems, and victims are expanding at an unprecedented clip. The pace of cyber intrusions has also ticked up substantially—annual reports of data breaches have increased roughly five-fold since 2009.  And the seriousness of those breaches is also rising, causing significant economic damage. In short, the threat is becoming more diverse, more sophisticated, and more dangerous.”

She further state, “Like counter-terrorism, meeting cyber threats requires a whole-of-government approach that uses all the appropriate tools available to us—including our global diplomacy, our economic clout, our intelligence resources, our law enforcement expertise, our competitive technological edge, and, when necessary, our military capability.” She also cautioned the private sector cannot and should not rely on the government to solve all of its cybersecurity problems. Challenging all to improve our defenses—employing better basic preventative cybersecurity, like the steps outlined in the Cybersecurity Framework announced last year.

See White House’s Remarks

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