Tax Credits and Incentives

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Credits and Incentives

There are thousands of tax credit and incentives programs in the United States, sponsored by federal, state and local governments. These programs drive job creation, employee training, capital investment and new business development and are available to companies of all sizes and across a broad range of industries. Unfortunately, more than 50% of credits and incentives go unclaimed annually. Reporting and compliance requirements for redeeming tax incentives can be tedious, but we guide our clients throughout the life of the incentive programs, assisting in resolving any compliance issues that might arise. And if compliance with program terms ever fails, our attorneys can help renegotiate terms and defend against efforts by governments to claw back tax benefits that already have been earned. Our attorneys are committed to helping clients take advantage of these programs and can help identify tax and non-tax savings opportunities for past investments, job creation, research, training and other qualified expenditures.

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